Automotive Events Made Simple

TrackHero was built to help teams build, organize, and execute seamless automotive experiences.

Create Events

Four different event types, each with unique functionality.


Map out where participants come from.

Filter it down. Understand the market.

Manage your Fleet

In one spot or spread throughout the country.

Categorize cars by type, status, even down to what garage they are in.

Automatic alerts allows you manage your vehicles easily.

Book Online

Allow customers to create reservations online.

Multiple options for websites, emails, and landing pages.

Track a customer throughout multiple events.

Check-in Kiosk

QR Code Management

Capture additional information qucikly.

Expedite the check-in process to streamline the customer experience.


We're integrated with some of the biggest technology companies in the world, and we're happy to integrate with what you're already using. Leverage your customer data, expand your insight, and a whole lot more.

Modern technologies to meet modern needs

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